We at ICCD – Canada, take this opportunity to critically reflect on our development efforts towards enhancing the professional development of employees, capacity and productivity.. As we strive to shrug off the recession through all capable means, the global community is awakened to a new era of redeveloping its human capital for the envisaged hope of growth and prosperity.

In this reflection, ICCD is pleased to present our broad and detailed range of training courses to help redevelop an efficient human resource base in both the public and private sector institutions from around the globe.

The Design of the capacity building courses has taken cognisance of the fact that our institution and yours alike, have a mutual mandate to work together to enhance the performance capabilities of all your staff with one important goal: ‘increased performance and productivity’. Our range of courses seeks to address both the narrow and broad needs of all our present and prospective clientele.
The challenges many nations face in achieving the Millennium Development Goals promised at the beginning of this decade can only be overcome if the total sum of our human capital is harnessed to its full potential.

At ICCD, we are committed to participating in the Millennium Development agenda through our multi-faceted courses which we are sure will meet your training and capacity building needs. Please spend some few moments of your time to peruse through our course schedule displayed on this website.
I believe you will identify some relevant courses for your department or section staff. As you make a decision to submit nominations to our courses, I assure you of our unparalleled service and professionalism as human resource development partners in global capacity development.
I look forward to receiving nominations on behalf of your staff soon.


James F. Seidu

(Group Training Director)