It is important that you apply for an entry visa from a Canadian embassy in your country in order to enter Canada. Please make the necessary arrangements with the Canadian Embassy/ High Commission in your country well in advance of your travel plans.

upon acceptance to our program. Participants will receive a letter of acceptance and accommodation arrangement details, which can be used to assist in visa processing. Please note that acceptance to attend an ICCD training program does not automatically guarantee that a Canadian visa will be issued.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to comply with the requirements set by the Canadian Embassy usually located in the capital city of your country or the embassy in your region responsible for your country.

ICCD is unable to influence or send direct correspondence to the Canadian embassy or High Commission on the applicant’s behalf unless instructed to do so by the embassy. For further details on visa information visit

Please note that for short courses, you will be processed under the Visitor’s Visa category and NOT Study, unless the course will be, or extend beyond six (6) months.

Travel & Medical Insurance

It is advised that all participating delegates purchase a travel health insurance and medical insurance cover for pre-existing and unexpected sudden illness that requires significant financial input. Minor medical prescriptions can be purchased over the counter and covered by the participants’ own per diem allowance. Participants should therefore arrange with the sponsoring agency to ensure that the necessary insurance coverage for the duration of their stay in Canada is budgeted for.

Accomodation & Meals Information

All our courses, both in Canada and other international venues are priced on a non-residential basis i.e. the charge per course does not include accommodation and meals. This enables participants to choose different types of accommodation to match their needs. To assist participants in finding accommodation, we offer advice on a range of accommodation options. Upon acceptance we shall provide prospective applicants with a list of closely supervised accommodation service providers to choose from.

Most hotels and guesthouses have both single and double occupancy rooms available. The following are some ideas of the special, all-inclusive room rates extended exclusively to ICCD participants.

  • Hotel Rates
  • One Queen Size bed in a room
  • Two Double bed in a room (Shared)
  • Guesthouse Rates
  • Single room occupancy
  • Canadian $
  • $50 -$70
  • $30 -$50
  • Guesthouse Rates
  • $79
  • USD $
  • $41 -$58
  • $25 -$42
  • Guesthouse Rates
  • $66

These are quotes for bed and breakfast only. (Lunch and supper are at participants own expense)

The rooms of the hotels and guesthouses are spacious with a relaxing atmosphere, with the guesthouses having a family sized kitchen, an ideal environment for participants who prefer to cook their own meals. As a multi-cultural country with a huge diversity in the population, almost all indigenous foods and spices from every country abound in the various shopping malls and speciality shops. “Canada is home away from home”.