The Justification:

Complementing our broad training course menu is the in-house/outreach training. ICCD designs and implements customized training workshops/courses for Governments, Donor agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Civil Society Organizations, Parastatals and private sector organizations worldwide. Designing and customizing a training workshop consists of designing and structuring the training contents with significant inputs from the client to suit their specific needs. This is achieved through the selection of appropriate case studies relevant to the training, whilst utilizing the most appropriate training methodology to address the specific needs of the client. ICCD in partnership with the client organization will conduct a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) for the client prior to the conduct of the workshop, usually in the client’s home country. Customized training helps organizations to tailor training programs to all levels of management of their employees on a manageable budget.

Our Corporate Skills Development:

Most of our tailored/customized training requests originate from Government organizations, private agencies or international development organizations requesting ICCD to design customized capacity building trainings for their staff on specified aspects of performance improvement interventions.

Upon receipt of the training request, which includes a brief description of the objectives of the request, ICCD in further consultation with the client will design, at NO COST, a training proposal to fit the clients training needs which will normally include:

  •  Determining the training needs assessment to close competency gabs and to raise the skill levels of employees
  •  Goals and objectives of the training to be conducted
  •  Detailed training schedule to include training themes, plenary titles, agreed locations,
    brief profile of training facilitators, time tables, in-country study tours where necessary
    and other sundry activities
  • Training Methodology
  • Mid and end-of-session evaluation by participants
  • Cost of training and mode of payment (usually to be mutually agreed between ICCD and
    the client)

ICCD, is strategically and proactively poised to work with clients towards crafting staff skills across all functional areas of the organization for sustained productivity and improved performance.