The course fees scheduled below cover the following:

  1. Plenary sessions
  2. Training materials (e.g. course hand-outs), laptop and accessories
  3. Professional site visits
  4. Excursion trips
  5. Intermittent light refreshments for each course day
  6. Training room rentals and hall bookings
  7. Internal transportation
  8. Social activities
  9. End of course dinner and certification

NOTE: Course fees are subject to change depending on exchange rate fluctuations. The course fees quoted below do not include: accommodation, participants meals, airfares, per diem allowance or personal incidental expenses.

Course Fees

No of weeksCanada (US $ )South Africa (US $ )Dubai – UAE (US $ )Ghana (US $ )Swaziland (US $ )
14,2502,950 4,2502,9502,950